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Are you okay? I know you weren’t feeling too great the other day, and I went to check on you but your account was frozen.

She got butthurt over something someone said to her, and despite what her profile says, self-froze, only to unfreeze a day later.

You hate her yet you’re all up in her shit?

If she quit for one day because of shit you said 6 months ago, that’d be her prerogative. 

Hello, clearing some things up!


First of all, I didn’t self-freeze. There was a misunderstanding and I’m currently appealing to try and clear it up. Hopefully I can return soon or at least get the freeze shortened. I wasn’t aware there were people concerned about me. No worries, I didn’t self-freeze, although there’s a chance…

What Jessyta said.

You don’t get obviously how fucking pathetic you sound. Take some goddamn responsibility and ownership of your actions, hate and nasty words. You getting frozen because you were reported out the fucking wazoo is not a misunderstanding. You deserve to get iced. If you can’t follow the rules, then you “pay” the price! The ONLY reason you’ve “stopped” with your Nudi knee pad wearing butt fucks is because you were made to! Don’t make it out like you’re all innocent and trying to do good. If you truly were, you wouldn’t have made this post. This whole post is a Goddamn hypocrite’s paradise. Go get some help. Actions speak louder than words. Fucking cunt.

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